"For more than 10 years now, I have been trying to explain to my friends here on the East Coast what goes on at a weekend Celebration with Ngeton. “What do you DO over there?” While that has has seemingly changed over the years, embracing Teachings on Universal Truth from many Traditions – from the motion of Tai Chi to Stillness- from raucous laughter and spirited chanting to Silence- from laughter to tears – it has never really been about the “doing” at all. Time spent in such rarefied space is Absolute Grace. The Heart of Love is of course what never changes. In her darshan everything dissolves into Absolute Awareness Being Bliss. The Teachings are Pure and crystalline.
What has changed from my perspective with the “unplugged” version has been the unplugging of the need for any kind of individual Awakening. Instead as a collective, as true sangha, we are awakening to our True Nature almost simultaneously and in that is something truly miraculous. It is the Ultimate Communion with Truth. In that transparent All Abiding Love we have moved to levels of wisdom, Discriminating Awareness and creativity that our individual “I’s” could never begin to fathom. I know that when each of us leaves we bring this Light out into our relative realities and in that way assist the evolution of Consciousness everywhere."

Peace & aloha – Lee Raden

Dingmans Ferry, PA


"Through the years of being privileged to hear Ngeton's teaching of the Truth and being in her Divine presence of unconditional Love and Compassion - that love has slowly permeated and changed my life. Each retreat is so precious. When I am truly aligned with her Divine Presence - my mind stops, I relax and surrender.. My heart opens and I can just "Be". the retreats never seem to end. There is a continuous unraveling of the "ego hold" as more of my unconscious conditioned patterns are seen. - The imagined human sufferings and pain replaced by the love and joy of who I AM."

Tsuruko Watanabe

Oakland, California


"It is said that for every sincere need, the teacher/teaching arises in the appropriate form. At this time of acceleration in the evolution of humanity, we have a plethora of spiritual teachers and tools to assist us in our quest for Enlightenment. I have had the great good fortune of receiving much from many. A Heartfelt "Thank You" for them all.

When I recognized that my spiritual ideal of "Enlightenment" was at best, unsustainable and at worst, unattainable, I was ready for Ngeton.

Ngeton has seen me through it all. Her compassionate ability to remain Truth itself in the midst of all arising phenomena has served to refine my longing soul. Her Steadfast Gaze upon my soul has reared me from the early days when I sought for a permanent state of divinity, perfection, and bliss. She was there in the burning ground when my path took a surprising turn at owning my fears and embracing the imperfection of my humanity. Her gift of Unwavering Love has unplugged my resistances and left me at the doorstep of MySelf."


Jadine Brown

Maui, Hawaii


"For me, the retreat is the opportunity I give myself to stop the outer circumstances and inner dialogue that I call my "life". In a loving and compassionate setting the truth is shown. Love and Consciousness ARE ALL.

With profound skill Ngeton expresses this Truth. She uses humor, clear vision, and love to transmit and teach. Ngeton responds to arising in the moment with whatever is needed in a form that can be received in that moment. While Ngeton's view is absolute she does not overlook the day to day relative life we in human body have. In her own life she looks fully at arising phenomenon and through example shares her humanity .She is relentless in her pursuit of truth and willingness to explore her own process. For me, this combination of absolute view and respect for cause and effect is profound. I am forever grateful."


Cathy Bacon

Novato, California


"Completely believing, trusting and loving Ngeton - the infinite compassionate and living treasure, precious jewel, source of infinite wisdom - has brought me home to the Heart of God."

Jan Osterneck

Kula, Hawaii


"The retreats/weekends, help provide the energy, space, and love, for the popping off of the lid. the lid that has been holding down suppressed emotions and other nasty shit that either has not been seen or wanted to be seen. The opportunity is then given to look at it, feel it, and let it dissolve. all naturally and automatically. all that needs to be done, is to rest in the awareness. and, there you have it."

Allan Mossman

Healdsberg, California


"In this lifetime, I consider myself very fortunate to have at least
one very strong and healthy desire. And that is, the desire to be a free and whole human being. As with any human desire along the spiritual path, it is fraught with a combination of grace, and the "perils and pitfalls" of the conditioned mind.

However, I have been blessed to encounter a few luminous beings, without whose presence in my life, what is now growing into a total commitment, may have remained but a mere whim.

Ngeton lives, breathes, and embodies in my experience, a level of human freedom and consciousness that, at the very least, has planted seeds of liberation in this heart and mind that are bound to bear fruit.

She is beyond any label that I would use to describe her, other than consciousness itself. Ngeton embodies a sterling presence of clarity, wisdom and compassion rarely found in human beings and yet, reminds us that the gift of awakening is not only imminent, but very possible for anyone who is ready.

I consider myself very blessed to have been graced over the past 12 years, to participate in weekend retreats with Ngeton."

With fond aloha and love,

Malama Pono, Maile Orme

Maui, Hawaii


Ngeton is a Clear, Radiant Presence. She reflects the Ultimate Truth and encourages us to directly realize we are that Truth and to embody it in the appearance of our lives. Ngeton, Like Jean Dunn, is a Rare Jewel and gift to all those lucky enough to be with her in retreat."

Jacobi Gorden

Tucson, Arizona




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